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Reviews of restaurants in Bourne

The Lobster Pot
Address: 3155 Cranberry Hwy, Bourne, Massachusetts 02532
Phone: 508-759-3876
This is an authentic New England seafood shack restaurant that's indoors. It's low key, with plastic spoons and modest interior. But that's ok because what makes The Lobster Pot is the food, especially the clam chowder. The clam chowder is made with fresh clams, not frozen. That's what makes it what some are calling the best. They also make the chowder with real clam juice from the clams, not from a bottle. If you want to have authentic clam chowder that is prepared in small batches from fresh ingredients, then head over to The Lobster Pot.

The rest of the menu consists of fresh high quality seafood that is fried, broiled, or boiled (steamers), including lobster in the form of whole lobster, lobster tails, lobster salad rolls. What's great about this place is that you can have all your favorite East Coast fish shack favorites indoors away from the elements in a family friendly location while knowing that the food is fresh, local, and made in small delicious batches. Prices are reasonable and portions are generous.

The Chart Room
Address: 1 Shipyard Lane, Bourne, MA
Phone: 508-563-5350
The Chart Room is a popular seafood shack-style restaurant with some seating that overlooks the marina. It can get crowded, the food is decent etc. Expect crowds and waiting in line to be seated. The draw here is the view. What is it about restaurants and views? It seems fairly consistent that the better the view the less better the food. I'm not saying the food is bad, the food is decent. It's just that the food is overshadowed by the view and the lovely location. Which isn't a bad thing if you want to experience a lovely location, strong drinks, and a beautiful Cape Cod sunset (and food).

Trowbridge Tavern and Canal Club
Address: 100 Trowbridge Road, Bourne, Massachusetts 02532
Phone: 508-759-1776
I have eaten coast to coast and around the world at some of the finest tables and have enjoyed street food from around the world. But I have to say that there is a special spot in my heart for modest places like the Trowbridge Tavern and Canal Club. Featuring patio dining as well as indoors, check your pacemaker at the door and enjoy New England appetizer favorites such as quesadillas, bacon potato skins, mozarella sticks, fried macaroni and cheese balls, and everyone's favorite, chicken wings. Entrees consist of sandwiches and burgers. They serve salad, too. This is an authentic locals bar and restaurant attached to a motel that will appeal to those those who appreciate authenticity. Enjoy it while it is still around.