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Background and history of Nantucket
Known for its historic lighthouses, cobblestone streets, charming harbors, and pristine beaches, Nantucket is an island which lies roughly 30 miles south off the coast of Cape Cod, with the Atlantic Ocean to its south, and Nantucket Sound to the north between the island and the Cape. Settled in 1659, Nantucket was a major whaling port until the late 1800s, at which time tourism became the dominant industry on the island. Nantucket strives to be the less-developed alternative to the nearby island of Martha’s Vineyard, with close to forty percent of the island preserved as conservation land, including the Nantucket National Wildlife Refuge. The entire island of was named a National Historic District in 1966, with many of its buildings dating back to the 1700s. Indeed, a stroll through the town of Nantucket (the island, county, and town all share the name) is like stepping back in time.

What to know when visiting Nantucket
Although the island has a sizeable year-round population, the summer months bring an influx of vacationers and summer residents. In an effort to maintain the tranquil and historic feel of the island, Nantucket offers a summer shuttle service that takes visitors to most beaches and locations on the island, encouraging vacationers to leave their cars behind when they get on the ferry or plane. Do bring your bike or rent one, though, if so inclined, as there are miles of well-maintained bike paths that cross the island in every direction. There are also numerous fine accommodations and restaurants, as well as a thriving arts scene complete with museums, galleries, live theater and music.

How to travel to Nantucket
The island is accessible by ferry (2 ½ hours by regular ferry or 1 hour by high-speed ferry) from Hyannis or Harwich Port on the Cape, or by plane (many airlines service Nantucket Memorial Airport). In short, if you are looking to escape the summer bustle of the Cape and Martha’s Vineyard, or even looking for a serene spring or fall get-away, you will find Nantucket to be an enchanted isle.