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Located at the far outer tip of Cape Cod, you will find Provincetown, Massachusetts. Known locally as P-town, it is the most well known of all the towns on the Cape. Once home to the Native American tribes of the Nausets and Wampanoags, Provincetown was also the place where the Pilgrim’s first landed in 1620 before moving to a permanent settlement in Plymouth, Massachusetts. The town itself, pleasantly abundant with restaurants, boutiques, and galleries, is located along Provincetown Harbor on the bay side of the Cape. The town center, although a bit touristy, is a great place to grab a seat at a café and do some people watching. The harbor is also where you can catch a boat out for a whale watching tour, or just stroll the docks to watch the boats come in and out and get some fresh salty sea air.Provincetown

A large percentage of the land in Provincetown is part of the Cape Cod National Seashore, including dunes, ponds, and two great beaches, Race Point and Herring Cove (you can actually stay in the historic lighthouse at Race Point). Yet Provincetown is much more than a stunning geographic location. It is home to an historic arts colony that continues to thrive in the present. For more than a century, artists, writers, poets, and playwrights have been drawn to Provincetown’s lively arts scene. From Henry David Thoreau, Emily Dickinson, and Eugene O’Neill to Jackson Pollack, Hans Hoffman, and Robert Motherwell, artists have been inspired by the natural beauty of the Outer Cape

Provincetown has also become a popular gay and lesbian vacation destination, and has developed a nightlife culture to cater to the LGBT community. Since the state of Massachusetts legalized gay marriage in 2004, Provincetown has become the most popular destination for same-sex weddings. LGBT social and holiday events take wing around the July 4th weekend and during the annual Provincetown Carnival Festival in mid August, so plan accordingly if you love to party or dislike crowds. P-town has a fun, easy-going atmosphere. Whether you are looking for relaxing hikes through sand dunes or people watching at the afternoon Tea Dance, Provincetown has a lot to see and do (or do nothing at all on a sunny beach!).