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Reviews of restaurants in Eastham

A dining guide to the best restaurants in Eastham, Massachusetts in Cape Cod. Situated in the center of Cape Cod fishing industry, Eastham is a good place to savor some of the freshest seafood in Cape Cod.Something to keep in mind about Eastham restaurants is that this is a fresh fish and seafood shack destination. And when I say fresh I mean REALLY fresh seafood, as in caught earlier that morning. So while you'll be able to find other kinds of dining experiences, including Italian restaurants, the classic New England fish shack fare is what, to our minds, Eastham does best.

Although you may not find the kind of sophisticated restaurants available in other towns nor the wide selection, the dining in this area excels at catering toward casual and family friendly dining, including vegetarian friendly restaurants. Here you will find a selection of what we feel are the best places to eat in Eastham Cape Cod.

Arnold’s Lobster & Clam Bar
Address: 3580 Route 6 Eastham, MA 02642 Cape Cod
Phone: 508-255-2575

Arnold’s is an extremely popular seafood eatery in Cape Cod. Expect long waits at this popular restaurant. If you are having dinner there, they have an extensive menu ranging from fried seafood rolls to steamed lobsters to chowder and bisques to the children’s items. This place is extremely kid friendly with an included ice cream stand and the miniature golf to entertain you while you wait for dinner, and for the adults, there is also a full service bar. The miniature golf is a blast for kids and for some make it the best restaurant in Eastham for families with kids. and worth a visit for the kids. However, if crowds are not your thing then give the Friendly Fisherman a try.

The Friendly Fisherman Restaurant and Fish Market
Address: 4580 State Hwy Eastham, MA 02642
Phone: 508-255-6770

The Friendly Fisherman is a seafood shack restaurant, just as you would expect from the name. When enjoying the casual dining here, prepare yourself for the rather big portions. You might enjoy the crab cakes or whole clams, or the oysters or calamari, and don’t forget to get some french fries and corn sides to go along with your main choice. Their french fries were notably tasty, crisp and full of potato goodness. The lobster rolls and scallop rolls were memorable favorites with our family. While this place is not as crowded as Arnolds, for my family this was a top restaurant when the urge for classic New England fish shack hit us. Plus, it has a fantastic fish market next door. Their fish market seafood is amazingly fresh and tasty, and should be picked up for enjoyment at home. I purchased shrimp here for a barbecue and they were out of this world sweet and fresh tasting. Insanely good.

The Box Lunch
Address: 4205 State Hwy # 2 Eastham, MA 02642
Phone: 508-255-0799

The Box Lunch in Eastham is a place to go for high quality fast food when you're in a hurry or don't want to spend too much time eating because you have somewhere to be. The home of the “rollwich” as they have defined their take on the sandwich, these are actually what are otherwise known as wraps. They have a fairly extensive menu which combines elements of Cape Cod seafood tradition with California cuisine to provide truly unique options. Among these are the gilded lobster with Swiss cheese, avocado, and mayo; the tuna salad, mayo, avocado, tomatoes, lettuce, and onion; and the bleu cheese, tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts, avocado, creamy Italian dressing, lettuce and tomatoes. There are plenty of vegetarian options on the menu, including a delicious veggie melt. With locations throughout Cape Cod, The Box Lunch is a good fallback restaurant for a quick bite, especially if you are vegetarian. This place is as casual as a fast food restaurant but with slow-food quality. It is perfect for when you're on the go.

Catch of the DayEastham Restaurants - French Fries and a Grilled Chicken Sandwich
Address: 975 Route 6 South Wellfleet, MA 02663
Phone: 508-349-9090

Just a few quick words about this restaurant. While this restaurant is not in Eastham it's in the next town over, just over the town line and thus worth mentioning. Food choices include vegetarian options, seafood, chowders, sandwiches and chicken/beef options, too. The food is fresh, delicious and served in a family friendly and unrushed environment.