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Restaurants in Woods Hole Cape Cod MA

Many people think of Woods Hole as a village from which to catch a ferry to Martha's Vineyard. And while there's more to Woods Hole than that, it's a picturesque place to visit and take in the sights, Woods Hole is also a lovely destination to grab a meal and feel the gentle breeze off the ocean. Al fresco dining near the sea is among the top reasons to dine in Woods Hole. There are also a few vegetarian restaurant options. Here is our restaurant review of several notable family friendly restaurants serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Pie in the Sky Bakery & Internet Cafe
Address: 10 Water St. Woods Hole MA 02543
Phone: 508-540-5475
Pie in the Sky Bakery is a small spot offering soups, salads, and sandwiches. It's a good spot to start the day as breakfast is one of their strengths. Fans of outdoor dining will appreciate the outdoor patio seating, which can be quite refreshing on summer mornings. This is a cozy spot with a warm ambiance to it, much like an old cafe in a college town. Being an actual bakery, expect to be tempted by numerous fresh baked pies, custards and other sweets. However they also feature smoked salmon, bagels,

Coffee Obsession
Address: 38 Water Street Woods Hole Cape Cod MA 02543
Phone: 508-540-8130
This is another authentic coffeehouse with wood floors and mismatched wooden chairs. I frequented a variety of classic coffeehouses, the kind where you can catch a nap on a Saturday afternoon and this cafe has the same vibe. I'm not recommending this cafe for a nap though because Coffee Obsession will keep you awake and well fed. There's an outside porch area that is a nice place to hang out at when the weather is nice. The nice thing about Coffee Obsession is they offer vegetarian menu options. Typical vegetarian soups are Italian Lentil with Pastini, Three Bean Chili, and Wild Mushroom Tortellini.

The Captain Kidd Bar
Address: 77 Water St Woods Hole, Cape Cod MA 02543
Phone: 508-548-8563
They have a waterfront menu (cough, cough- $$) with adventurous entrees like Cajun Seared Mahi Mahi featuring pineapple, kiwi, salsa. And they have a Tavern menu with familiar New England comfort food (cough, cough- $). The tavern menu features familiar food such as shrimp scampi, fish and chips, meatloaf with mashed potatoes and gravy (mmmm... Mmm!) and the ubiquitous chicken fingers, grilled cheese, and hot dog on the children's menu cough, cough- snore snore). The Captain Kid features a deck, a patio, and a dock view eating area. It's actually quite lovely and pleasant. The decor is what makes it stand out. While one can't eat decor the decor does make it an interesting dining destination. Is it the best restaurant on Cape Cod? Probably not. Is it a fun kid-friendly restaurant to take the family for classic Cape Cod seafood? Yes!

Address: 2 Luscombe Ave Woods Hole, MA 02543
Phone: 508-548-1758
Landfall is another tourist friendly restaurant. That's not meant as a slight, I mean that as a compliment. There is a time and place for this kind of spot and LandFall fills it well. This restaurant features a pleasant waterfront location with plenty of seating to accomodate the sights, smells, and sounds of the ocean. This is Cape Cod comfort food, all the familiar classics including the usual kids menu standbys such as mozzarella sticks, chicken fingers, hot dogs, grilled cheese, BLT and etcetera. Despite the typical kids menu you have to give this restaurant at least fifty bonus points for including lobster in the rough on the kids menu. No need for your kid to contend with adult sized lobster plates, they can have their own lobster in the rough.